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Anti democratic way of getting things done!

Baba Ramdev’s Yogpeeth has come under notice in neighboring Nepal for a swing of doubtful land deals. The trust had acquired more than 800 ropani over 100 acre land at discounted rates in 2007 following a nod from the Nepal government. However, it was later sold at market price.Though land was acquired for building yoga and ayurveda centres, locals have accused Patanjaliof selling off over 500 ropani land at the prevailing market rates to private companies and individuals over the last one year. The land was sold to some builders also at a rate 10 times its original value, villagers alleged.

The residents of Sanga, a village around 20 km from Kathmandu, have been infuriated as many of them had sold vast stretches of land to Patanjali on promises that it would be used for yoga centres. They now feel cheated. The officers of land registry office of Nepal confirmed the villagers’ allegations. The scene as it played out in front of the people. After repeatedly shouting from the rooftops that he would not give up his fast till his death, Baba Ramdev dramatically ended his indefinite hunger strike on June 12 after a meeting at a private hospital in Dehradun with spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar and other seers from Haridwar. His asset are saving in a trust by depositing in different banks, properties etc , if he have thoughts about the poor then he could have utilized it for the poor and needy children, but he has contributed that small amount of money only to save millions of money from tax. The death of Swami Nigamanand in the same hospital in Dehradun where yoga guru Baba Ramdev was admitted, has caught the BJP on the wrong foot. Swami Nigamanand, who was fasting to save the Ganga from illegally quarrying companies, died 115 days into his fast virtually unsung, unknown at Dehradun’s Himalayan Hospital. Swami Nigamanand had gone into a coma after being on a hunger strike since February 19. There couldn’t have been a worse advertisement for the BJP, which is the ruling party in Uttarakhand and more so, because the religious sentiment associated with the Ganga.

The BJP now stands accused of being hand in glove with illegal miners. It also stands accused using Ramdev to get back at the Congress. While the BJP government in Uttarakhand did all it could to convince Ramdev to break his fast over black money and corruption, Nigamanand’s appeal to stop quarrying activities near the Ganga fell on deaf ears. During Gandhi’s time, britishers were not elected as government, but still he use to fight for the public benefit keepingin mind only the benefits of public. Whereas Baba is using an army (public) aganist an elected government through his high class facilities. His sole purpose is to do anti democracy act by hiding his money and its sources from world and become a gentleman in front of public claiming that he is working for the public.


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Review: The Facebook Effect (via Sarcastic Mister Know It All)

Read The Book and Read this Blog ;)

Review: The Facebook Effect I tend to write about Facebook quite often on this blog. Part of the reason is that you can't avoid mentioning Facebook in one way or another these days given its ubiquity. Another part of the reason is that, honestly, I'm a big fan of Facebook and what it's been able to accomplish. I thought I should disclose the latter before my review of David Kirkpatrick's The Facebook Effect, which was released earlier this year and touted as the "official" … Read More

via Sarcastic Mister Know It All

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IPL – The Diminishing Face Indian T20 Brilliance

As we all know India has exhibited excellence in T20 of cricket over the past few years. The cricketing future of India was I wavering mode when it began it first world cup campaign with a bunch of few young guns under the leadership of Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni which was way back in 2007. There in South Africa Team India carved miraculous chronicle as they demolished some of the cricket strong holds like South Africa, Australia, England etc and finally defeated Pakistan to lift the inaugural T20 world cup.

Heroes were born and many new cricketing talents were discovered which would serve Indian Cricket for a long time. Soon after the success in the T20 World Cup, one of the greatest cricketing extravaganza – IPL was launched by BCCI.

Initially IPL generated a revolutionary blast in the basic cricketing concepts. It changed the foe to friends and made them play for the same team. Thus the IPL officials claimed that they had attained global cricketing integration through venture.

But the second version of this cricketing extravaganza proved lethal for Indian Cricket. IPL has a hefty schedule with each team playing seven games excluding the semifinals and finals, so all the players would naturally be tired of this long IPL. Immediately after the IPL came the T20 world Cup here the Indian Players would not be able to deliver because of the frustration and weariness that they faced in the IPL.

The Indian players scripted the same above mentioned anecdote in the second edition of T20 World they were expelled in the Super Eights. The Indian Heroes at the IPL were not able to guide India to another World Cup triumph or even to save India from the brutal crushes that she suffered

The scenario was same in the ongoing third edition of the T20 World Cup in West Indies. India began her campaign by thrashing the, minnows Afghanistan by seven wickets. Then came the dominant statement from the young Indian brigades as they overpowered the mighty South Africans, thanks to the breezy knock of 101 by Suresh Raina of just 60 balls. Ya here the man of the finals in the IPL 2010 delivered for India.

The story was different when India took on the Aussies at the pace friendly and bouncy tracks of Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados. Knowing that he pitch is bowler friendly and will deteriorate for batting at the later half of the game, skipper Dhoni won the toss and instead of putting runs on the board, send the Aussies to bat. As expected the Aussie batting started with the fire works of Warner and Watson, the two W’s plundering the Indian attacks. Warner made a swift 72 of just 42 balls and Watson making a brilliant 54 of just 32 balls. It was only because the Aussie batters had to face only the ordinary short pitch and middle pitch deliveries of the Indian bowlers.

Aussie attack on the other hand was power packed with bouncers and yorkers of Dirk Nannes, Shaun Tait, Shane Watson and the lethal swing of Mitchell Johnson. Except Rohit Sharma no other Indian batters were able to withstand the lethal attacks of the Aussies. Finally the Aussies humbled India by 49 runs.

Similar was the case when India played against West Indies in same pace friendly and bouncy tracks of Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados. Dhoni repeated the same mistake once again as Indians won the toss and send the West Indies to bat. The insult to injury was dropping catches by the Indians. Gayle was dropped by Ravinrdra Jadeja on the bowling of Yusuf Pathan as he was on 13. This proved the turning point of the match as Gayle made almost a century a quick fire of 98 runs from just 66 balls.

India had a timid reply to bowling attack of West Indies. The spectators saw the weary faces of Indian batters who were struggling to face the pacey bouncers of West Indians. Suesh Raina started finding some rhythm but he was trapped by Chris Gayle. At last India gifted a 14 run victory to the West Indies.

The problem is the too much exposure to directionless cricket like IPL. Instead of leaving the talented Indian cricketers under pressure to perform for some of the business firms and profitable organizations what benefit does IPL bring to the Indian Cricket?

When BCCI is busy conducting IPL through the length and breadth of the country, the other teams takes ample time to structure a perfect team for the T20 world cup based on their players performance in IPL. On the other hand the Indian IPL stars get worn off and are not able to perform in T20 World Cup.

Moreover there were many allegations and controversies against the IPL officials which have lowered the eminence of IPL. I would refer IPL s a cancer that disintegrates the youthful and energetic phase of Indian T20 Cricket. I am of the opinion that BCCI should take ample measures to get rid of this nasty abuser of Indian Cricket

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Pollution disturbing the Nerves

While going through this bloggers you readers may mistake me as a social worker. I am not a social worker, but a man who strongly belief that each and every man has his own part to be done for the better placement of the environment. Basically I am a software developer and an entrepreneur. Last week while I was travelling to my home from Nagarcoil, I got stuck in Trivandrum. I can recall the exact place. The place was Killipalam. There was a huge traffic. Many vehicles were queued at back of my bus. I suppose most of them could see that all the vehicles in front of our bus were also stuck in traffic, but they were making sound by horning. The horn sounds were making all the people in bus and of course the people outside greatly disturbed. I think it is absolutely a wrong practice.

Friends, why we are doing this? Why don’t we have patience? We are all aware that horns are to be used only at alert situations. I will not use horn in the traffic as I know there is no use, moreover it creates an atmosphere of agitation. Even though we blow our horns we have to wait until the traffic stuck is over, then why are we simply causing nuisance to the public????

I feel that government should act firmly on this kind of noise pollution, as so much noise is not good for the public health.

I would love to see all read this post not use horns at heavy traffic. At least you people can be good examples and moreover help the public. I strongly feel so……………………


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The ascend in the competence and brilliance of Indian Sports

It is the time for reconsolidation in Indian Sports. As we all got to know yesterday we once again clinched The Nehru Cup. This depicts a gleaming and a lustrous football future that India is to enjoy. In addition that team Force India secured second spot in Belgium Formula One Grand Prix. For the first time a pursuit team supported by an Indian endured GP triumph. Thanks to the great works put up by Vijay Maliya and his crew. In the foot ball Nehru Cup final India thrashed Syria a country that is placed 95th in FIFA Overall Rank, whereas India is placed in 156th.

In Nehru cup final the spectators witnessed a game that had extreme Indian supremacy. At the end of the game it felt that the Indians attained their deserved victory. India was well structured under the supervision of Coach Bob Houghton and was ready to face any challenges and confronts put up by Syria. That confidence was reflected in Indian players and Indian dug outs throughout the game. Thank you Bob for generating an immense football passion among the Indian footballers and for teaching them to make winning a routine.

But the most depressing was the comments made by the Union Minister for Sports M.S Gill thing after team Force India set new racing standards in the Belgium Formula One Grand Prix. According to Mr Gill Formula One is not a sport. Mr Gill says that the Government’s prime focus will be on the upliftment of sports like football, swimming and so on.

I strongly believe that the Union Minister is being little bit unfair in his activities and statements. Mr Gill should understand the fact that there are so many sports person who dreams of making India known to the world through the sports and events such as Formula One and so on. How can a government sporting ministry disregard all other sports and concentrate on just one or two sports. For the past few years it was Sports Ministry’s this policy that caused the decline in standards of many games. For instance for the past few years the Sports Ministry and the Sports officials were only concerned about cricket as a result football and hockey lost its public acceptance, fans were low and this ultimately led to the poor condition of hockey and football. So kindly please accept all the sports, treat them equally and make India to host as many international games and events as possible.


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Explosion at Ernakulam Civil Station

I was literally petrified and terrified when I received reports on bomb explosion at Ernakulam Civil Station, immediately I browsed through most of the malayalam news channels. All the channels and news portals were televising detailed description regarding the explosion like the cause for the explosion, medium used etc. But I was greatly relieved when I recognized no human life was harmed. At 10:00 pm I an eminent news channel reporting and offering detailed description about the chemicals that are used for bomb explosion. The channel’s testimony goes like this “usage of an Embedded System can provide an easy control and would result in successful explosion process.” What foolishness is this? I would rather call it as a journalistic stupidity. What are these kinds of news persons trying to convey? By making the above said facts public they are setting simple ways before the terrorists to create demolition and devastation to a large degree. This is similar to a bird that destroys its own nest. If ponder and ponder right we are the sole cause of our insecurity both in national and state level. I kindly plead to the news persons and the media officials to don’t let out such exclusive details through your media. Just provide a flash news citing that a bomb explosion took place but no injuries and some chemicals were found at 4th and 5th floor(don’t mention name of the chemical). In my view this would be healthy for the public.


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